24' x 9' Split Site Office

Kensite’s portable site office units provide the ideal site office space and comfort for all your employees.

Manufactured in the North West, Kensite secure, anti-vandal site office accommodation provides some of the most robust, secure and flexible self-contained site office accommodation units available to hire.

And Kensite Services guarantee fast, and reliable delivery and collection!

Key features

  • Anti-vandal steel construction
  • Choice of mains or generator power
  • Mains water or bowser fed
  • Sewer or waste tank connection
  • Huge array of formats
  • Practical, internal environments
  • Provision of appropriate furniture
  • Timer controlled down blower / convector heater
  • Steps and staircases available for hire

Kensite 24'x 9' portable split site office office/hallway/office

Kensite 24′ x 9′ (7.3m x 2.75m) split site office is conveniently divided into two 10′ (3.05m) offices with an intersecting 4′ (1.2m) hallway. The unit comes fully fitted with LED lights and plug sockets and includes as standard:

  • 2 Desks
  • 2 Office Chairs
  • 2 Filing Cabinets
  • 4 Side Chairs
  • 2 Oil Filled Radiators
  • 2 Pin Boards
  • 2 White Board

This unit is also available openplan – see below in our site office range.

All Kensite site accommodation units can be linked together or stacked, with staircases and steps fitted, offering you maximum versatilty.

  • Product Code: K68
  • Product Name: Office Split Office 24'x9'
  • Weight: 2750 Kg
  • Size 24' x 9' (7.3m x 2.75m)

  • Stacking
  • De-Stacking
  • Staircasing
  • Generator

  • Filing cabinet
  • Locker-single door
  • Locker-2 tier
  • Locker-4-tier
  • Soft chair
  • Swivel chair
  • Single pedestal desk
  • Office table
  • Steel stationery cupboard

A full range of  site office accommodation is available from Kensite Services.  Contact us at any time to discuss your specific site requirements.

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Kensite split site office range

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