Eco-Friendly Towable Welfare

At Kensite we take environmental issues very seriously. That's why we offer some of the greatest welfare solutions at low cost, low maintenance and low emissions. 

The eco welfare unit is a secure anti-vandal unit designed to meet the need of any utility or development project, whilst ensuring compliance with the latest HSE regulations. These self contained units are particularly advantageous when working on a remote site where there's no electricity, water or drains.

Key features

  • Anti-vandal metal construction with metal shutters and coupling shroud
  • Fully self-contained 450ah battery powered unit
  • Over 80% fuel savings
  • Optional 3E generator / fuel cell back-up
  • HSE compliant
  • Air suspension with raising and lowering facility for extra security
  • Easy read solar regulator
  • Canteen facilities for 7-8 people
  • Separate drying area
  • Kitchen area equipped with kettle and microwave
  • Blow heater & Night heater
  • Recirculating WC and washing facilities with full arm sink and hot water system
  • Easy clean internal layout with washable PVC
  • Drying room with hat and coat hooks and heaters
  • Overall weight is less then 2 tonne and can be towed with 4X4



Elston P380 / P430 – Welfare Unit

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